Friday, June 7, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

For Memorial Day we went to the Platt River. The kids love to play in the water and usually Doug brings his fishing stuff and him and Benjamin go fishing. But not this time, Doug wanted the girls to have fun too. 

Eating lunch by the river

Looking  for fools gold.

So proud of herself for peeing in the wilderness!
 Genevieve kept telling us she had to pee. Peeing in the wilderness is not for everyone and it takes a little bit of talent. So I let Doug teach her how to do it. (its my least favorite part about camping) By the time we left she peed all by herself 3 times, she thought it was fun!

My boys aren't happy with just looking at the river. They must get in and play. Which makes me a little or a lot nervous but they really enjoy it.  

Genevieve standing by, being the lifeguard. Maddi doesn't like to get dirty nor does she like to be cold, so she didn't have as much fun. But hey that's what family time is all about!


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